Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Story Bird!

Because I'm graduated not more than 2 monts ago I do am eligible for the Pixar internship. That's something that I couldn't lose. I decided to do something and.. Do you know when people says that we also have to be lucky? I totally agree! I am lucky because I met such a good teachers out there, and I have a lot of friends that gave me some energy when I was feeling to leave everything! I would like to say a very Special thank to Mark Pudleiner that told me why and how.- Thank you Mark! Another Especial MEGA THANK YOU to Clint Morris Jalopy, who all the time spend a lot of good words for me, giving me courage and strenght ! I also had a time when I was going to leave this work, 'cause I was feeling not able to do it.
Thank you Moni and Vale(my sister) to tell me to keep doing it! And thanks to everyone gave me a lot of good comment on my drawings.

So, at the end of this story. Even if I won't be choosen by Pixar I think start doing this work, keep going and finish it was something that worth it! I don't wanna look like cheesy but.. I'm already a winner, 'case I did it! And now it's time to go back and fix what doesn't work ;-)

Here some ruff I did of the characters.-


quellobianco said...

ahahah che figata. Hai la mia stima.

Francesco Castelli said...

Grazie! Anche tu!

Rory Neil said...

Fra that's awesome really well done. Funny ending.

Francesco the Pusher Castelli said...

Thanks Buddy!