Friday, September 16, 2011

the Smurfs day

Ciao! Today is coming out "The Smurfs movie"!

soo cool

I'm afraid of Gargamel so won't go to watch the movie but..Maybe I'l lbuy the DVD!

I did this quick Sketch in Photoshop as a tribute to part of my childhood, Smurfette doesn't know what to do with her house, she will probably make a good Risotto (expecially 'coz it's getting cold in here).

Ciao myfriends and.. thanks for coming here!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Sketches AGAIN!

My sketchbook is gonnabe full, but, I'm happy 'coz My mother gave a new one, it is kind of cool with a fake leather cover..I'll post it later :-D I think I'm gonna draw only Western stuff.. So I can finally try to understand Guns :-D For now.. Here's some other ladies I did in Spotorno :-)
I'm doing some characters as a commission and, thanks to sketching, I find easier to draw ladies.
Thanks for coming around to my blog, see you soon with new stuff!


Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm vomiting Sketches!!!!! Ladies Sketches!

Ciao Gente!
I did some sketches during my 1 day vacation I did in Spotorno, a very good place in Liguria close to Savona. I loved it so much so next year if I'll have only 1/2 days I'd like to go there again. It's just 3 hours (or even less) if you're comin' from Milano/Luino or I mean.. North of Italy.
I'm sorry for the low quality of those pics but my scanner died so I really had no chance: Back to the camera :-/

have a wonderful week! I have to go back working now coz I have 3 dead lines on 15 Sep :-o

Thanks for comin' here!