Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm gonnawork for Walt Disney Company Italia!

Hi Everyone! Sorry if I didn't post from a lot but, I had 3 children's books to make and
I'm makin' on a video spot for a company in Milano.
But while I was workin' on those things, I had a call from Disney!
This was my dream from when I was 5 years old.
The place where Giorgio Cavazzano, Romano Scarpa, Stefano Intini, Fabio Celoni, Danilo Barozzi and, my favourite one, Corrado Mastantuono are from, asked me to make a test for a new project I can't tell about for now. So. We're talkin' about Disney.
When I went in THE studio that day, and I saw that 3 meters woodmade Mickey Mouse I started to cry a little bit. Actually.. I had problem to stop that :-) Sometimes dreams really comes true.

Uncle Walt was right!

I'll do my best (as everytime)!!!!!!!!!!!