Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A kind of evil mermaid.. something like that

I did this experiment.. I was going to color the mermaid like Ariel, then I realized that so I did something totally different.
Now.. It's 2 in the morning.. time to go to sleep in Italy :-D

Ciao ciao!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lost is done.

Ok. The thing is.. there's no when right? That's why I've watched Lost later than all the whole people in the world. I didn't know would be so cool. So good. So entertaining. And now it's done. I understand everyone now. I don't know what to say but.. I hope to see something like Lost again one day. I'm sure it changed a little bit of myself. I'm sure. Thanks to Tommaso to support me during this trip. Thanks to Marco to tell me " you have to watch it". And know Lost is done. It's doooooooone! THE END. Goodbye John Locke. Bye Ben. Bye Hurley. Bye Sawyer. Sigh! Bye Kate.. Bye Desmond! Bye everyone...