Thursday, April 22, 2010

I did the Alberto RuiZ Contest

Hello Everyone!
For today Bobby CHiu's interview the guest was.... ta-daaaa! ALberto Ruiz! He talked about self publishing and now I know something more! Every interview I feel better, with lots of ideas, positivity and knowledges!

This time The topic was a collage of girls.. I didn't understand well what he was meaning with that... I mean.. A collage of girls.. Is it a collage? Because everyone did different.. I decided to go on and doing an actual collage with paper.. After that I did one digitally.- With the last one I won!!!! So, thanks to Alberto Ruiiz and thanks to who voted for my picture!

Doing collage helps a lot to push the siloutte and to understand the colors (actually I don't like what I did.. But at least I understood why :-))

Ok, I'm going to the gym now.. I have to pump blood to my brain :-)



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anniversary Granpa's dead

10 years ago my Granfather died.
I will never forget him, nobody can forget his own superHero!
CIao Nonno, I miss you so much


Monday, April 19, 2010

Crocodile eats the tiger verion n°2

Hello everyone!

I did another version of the crocodile eating the tiger, with a close up, I don't know, just for fun!
The first idae was to treat the Crocodile's teeth as a cage for the tiger, then, talking with my friend "quellobianco" ( a crocodile is famous because he has a lot of teeth but not because of the lenght of them) I did the final version a little bit different.-


Sunday, April 18, 2010


For the last contest I did, about the bunny girl and the animal I did this other sketch.
I found it interesting and so even if the contest is past I decided to finalized it.- Of corse, it's not a bunny girl anymore.-
I decided to add on her hair a special hairclip, I made a version with a butterfly, one with a strawberry, one with an octopuss.
Special thanks to my friend Giuditta that gave me the idea to make it a Cupcake :-)