Wednesday, April 6, 2011

At the Backstage

Ehi Guys!
Finally I did it!
I can't stand this song anymore actually.. Because I am in Pasadena I don't have all of my stuff with me so I had to use flash to make this animatic. Flash is not very good to export movies, that's why I had to stay awake one night to make it work as good as possible. Some frame is not there like the one when the director push the BGGuy's nose and there's some part where the rocky horror poster doesn't look very well. Trust me, after almost 50 videos this is the best version.. Expecially 'cause now I really have to go to work!
Thank you guys for watching it and sorry for the inconvenient, Maybe one day I'll do the final version in ToonBoom Armony (I want to learn this software)..
Buy guys and be positive!


here's some of the tons of drawings I did either on post it orin my sketchbook :-)

Here's the frames that my computer ate during the rendering :-)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pirates Gesture Drawings!

Hi everyone!
I've just done 3 pages from a pirate model,
this guy was awesome and sometimes he works as a model for disney Dreamworks and wathever else!
I knew him from before 'cause he's from the Steven Silver's book and other art books.

here's him with me at the Concept Design Academy!

Here's some 30 Sec gestures drawing :-)