Sunday, April 11, 2010

CLeaning Up

I would really like to work for Pixar. I met some of those guys. I'm thinking how much we can learn working in a place like that.
Because of the Interniship deadline submission,
I have to clean up the storyboard I did...... before Tuesday.
I hope it's gonnabe good enough. Enough to be better than 1000000 other people and win that prize..... NAAAAAAAAAA!
There's so many people out there that are CRAZY GOOD!
But if we don't buy the ticket, we won't NEVER win the lottery, right?
I'd like to have some feedback, at least to now how to make what I did better and.... know..
..............Try it again?


Anonymous said...

Not bad. I wish you luck!

Francesco Castelli said...

Thank you very much!
I can't cross my finger 'cause I have to draw.. I'm already lucky to have people doing that for me ;-)

Anonymous said...

I cross my fingers for you, too...

(un milione sono tanti,ma non so quanti abbiano il tuo talento..)

Good Luck!!

Francesco Castelli said...

THank you RIbo.-

Ti ringrazio.- troppo gentile.- Pero' guarda che ne prendono 4.- su un milione.. vai tra che 4 piu' bravi ci sono.- o anche di piu^.- ahahahahahhahahahah.- Fare queste cose serve comunque, anche se non ti prendono! Ti aiuta a concentrarti e amigliorare! Postero' a breve lo storyboard che sto preparando.- CIao!