Thursday, April 15, 2010

A new contest with Fransisco Herrera (one of my favourite Marvel Comic Artist!)

I'm so Happy that I'm going to listen for live! Fransisco Herrera interviewed by Bobby Chiu!
That's so cool! So this are the 2 drawings I did for the contest : Create an illustration of a 'Sexy Bunny Girl with a Crazy Animal'
I did the last one first and then I didn't like it and made the other one!
You can also see the ruff drawings I did (and that I start everytime making smaller legs when I draw girls :-))
I hope you like it!



Clint Morris said...

The posing may be a little rude, but the girl is beautifully drawn. There! Now you're drawing appealing girls, and now there is officially nothing you cannot draw.

Francesco the Pusher Castelli said...

I can't draw cars actually :-) and Robots.- EHI CLINT, thank you very much :-) and thanks a lot, you are the one taught me ;-)

quellobianco said...

Le tette nella bozza di quello in alto mi mandano a male. Mi sa che me lo salvo sul pc :)
Well done, man