Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sketches and sketches and sketches and sketches

Ciao a tutti!
I'm happy 'coz I'm finally gonnamake a studio, my own studio, woooooooooooooW!
So I won't work in my living room anymore! WAHHHHHHHH!!! So happy!!!!
I will finally have a kind of normal life, waking up in the morning and get ready to go to work somewhere and then, when I'll done, come back HOME <---- HOME SWEET HOME and maybe watch a movie or sketch something or read a book or dance or going out with my dog Blasco :-)
So happy so happy so definitely HAPPYYYY!!
Ok, sorry I am totally over warmed.

Ok. Stop being stupid. AUHAUHAUHAUHAUHAUAHUAHUAH <- just joking.

I did some sketches and I've also got a new sketchbook moleskyne this one <-- the paper inside is very light but It's good enough to draw. I think that in Italy we should have more variety of sketchbooks. We only have fancy sketchbooks.

Thanks for coming here, nwxt time I'll be serious. I promise you.