Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Facebook lies! Beautiful girl need also a good timing!

I saw this girl on facebook. She was beautiful. I fell in love with her in like.. 2 seconds!In every photo she was looking georgeus!

I had a date. I went there. I was excited! I did a very ruff drawing of her by memory:

Ok. Good proportions. Good looking girl. Just.. A model! Perfect. But sometimes photos lie.- A good girl needs also a good timing. She had a very cool keyframes (every time she had to take a photo) and very bad and slow inbetweens (real life)

I did those sketches to visualize that.-the first and the last one are the photo she did. Numbers are random of corse.. but she was something like that! ahahhaha!

So the meaning is: take care of facebook!

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