Monday, January 25, 2010

Me "like" made from other artist


First thing to say:

because there are a lot of pirates out there, that like to copy from some other artist and bla bla bla.. This is not something like that. I made these drawings on purpose because that was one of the assignment we did at school. I'm publishing these drawings just for fun, is myself drawn by myself trying to explore different styles from other artist.- I added their logos to show which style I chosed and that's it.-

It was difficult to draw myself as a Lion, I put that rabbit in front of him because the others have a t-shirt with a rabbit. part of the mane became the hoody.- The mignola' style I choosed was very interesting and I think that work better in black and white, but doesn't match with the other without colours so here is it.-

Do this exercise is very helpfull to see how other artist solve problems and why something is appealing or not.- Thanks to Clint that gave me this wonderful exercise.-


Jalopy said...

Francesco, that Mignola one is my favorite. You really nailed the style, wonderful work as always.

Francesco Castelli said...

Thank you Clint!!!