Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mascottes for friends

Hello to everyone!!!

I'm very very busy these days because I'm working on a short movie as our last Assignment in Vanarts.-

So I'd like to post things that I did before, actually I don't know when, I think like 2 years ago or maybe before.. THere's something that I still like in those drawings, maybe the proportions or maybe I don't know what.. But.. I did it for my friends, for their ORhestra, soccer team, club, whatever.. But I hope that you like it!

I love you very much!


From ALberto Canepa's Idea, I just made the character , I hope to work with him again!

Another work for my friend ALberto Canepa :-)

My friend " Omino" asked me this

One of my best friend Fabio, asked me a mascotte for his soccer team

This was for my cousin and his Orchestra

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