Monday, December 7, 2009

The Goatfather

I love the Goadfather movies, expecially the first one with Marlon Brando.
When we went to the farmyard I thought: goat! goat.. goat... Goatfather! I wannamake something like that, it sounds funny!
So I made it.- I started making some ruff of Marlon Brando then I tried to make him as a goat. I also made a thumbnail for the composition.
I made some Goat sketches to make the characters more believable. Here the final drawing and some of the studies I did.-

My friend Tommaso make me the Logo(thank you Tom).-

Goats are such a funny characters and who knows? Probably me and my storywriter are going to start a project with about that :-)

Have a nice week guiS! Stay tuned

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