Monday, November 5, 2012

Here I am!

Hello everyone!
Sorry if I didn't post so far but I had a lot of Job And troubles.- life is difficult, expecially if You want to do this job as a freelancer in Italy. You have to pay almost everything in taxes. Then you try to work more in order to get some extramoney. Our state will ask you for more taxes. So by the end of the year you realized that you have worked more for Italian politicians than for yourself. I'm trying to figure out what can I do to work for myself because I'd like to make a family. I don't think this is a bad dream. But in Italy nowadays it sounds more like an utopy.
Thanks god I love this job so much that I keep drawing to reduce the stress, I mean I'm still a child inside so I won't stop to dream!. Here some sketch I did! Thanks for your stop here!