Thursday, November 3, 2011

Time to change

Hello my friends!
How is your life going? Mine is (as all the time) confused. Something is going super well, something is going medium size. Something is just going ok <-- buuuuuuh!
Yesterday night I wanted to change my Facebook profile, I think something is changing :-) I need to be super positive 'coz I want to make something cool.
Thanks for coming to my blog :-) When I see every week how many people you are I want to cry, 'coz this helps me a lot to improve my skills and to don't feel a loser when I go to Lucca Comics whithout a booth <---- my dream. Maybe next time :-)



Liuk said...

the pusher is always THE PUSHER!!!
GO CASTEL!!!!!! bye, Liuk

Francesco the Pusher Castelli said...

Grazie amigu meu :-) ahahha

Beatrice Zeo Bovo said...

le gambineeee le braccineeee uiuiuiuiuiui sei da mangiare qua xD

Francesco the Pusher Castelli said...

no pliz non mi mangiate, che gia' si fa fatica cosi, ahahha pensa se venissi mangiatOoo