Thursday, November 24, 2011

painting my studio!

Hello amici!

I'm sorry to not posting anything BUT I'm sure you guys can understand: I'm painting my new studio!

It was a very old place (probably from 1800) so the wall wasn't strong enough to take all the paint and broke down like a cracker. So I had to put some stuff on it ( actually I don't know what) then wait 2 days then put the white paint the wait then put the color then wait then color again then wait and bla bla bla bla bla.

It takes time!

Plus I'm making a musical (coming out next may I hope to see you there!) for now I can't tell you which is the musical (SURPRISE) but I can tell U that from rehersal we're having so much fun that I think it's gonnabe cool!

So that's why I'm not posting so much!

Sorry sorry sorry :-)

BUT I can also say that I had the opportunity to fallow a live licture with John Lasseter (he came here in Milan!!!!) I'll talk about this later in another post.

and.. me and my friend and Storywriter Tommaso are working on a project that I'll show U piece by piece in this blog :-)




a lot of news! No time for Christmas Shopping this year!uhahahuauhauh! Thanks Internet! I think I'll by everything online :-)
ok so.. Sorry again amici! Please come back 'coz I'll post a lot of stuff very very soon!!!



Stefano Camelli said...

Sei un grande, che soddisfazione dev'essere aprire il proprio studio! T.T

Se passo da Milano ti faccio un saluto!

Francesco the Pusher Castelli said...

Grazie!!! Si passa passa.. lo studio non e' a Milano ma voglio dire.. Tu passa a Milano e fammi sapere quando!

Mauricio said...

cool. a musical? congrats!