Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grotto Mazzardit

Do you remember you first best friend in your life? I do! And, even after 27 years we still feel the same energy and love than we were children. My friend Andrea own a Restaurant and he asked me to make a drawing for the waitress t-shirts. Because Mazzardit use to be the Pirate of our lake (lago Maggiore) I did a Lady Pirate. The reason I did a Lady is obviusly because with lady you can sell whatever you want.

ok so

here we go, I hope you like it and.. Please if you're in Italy go to Luino and eat at "Grotto Mazzardit" you will be happy for sure!

thanks for watching my blog!!

I love you



Howard Shum said...

Nice drawing!

Francesco the Pusher Castelli said...

thank you very much!

Elora Lyda said...

what a great t-shirt design! very sexy ;) i wanna eat at the restaurant! when i go to italy i definitely will :) send me a shirt! haha

Francesco the Pusher Castelli said...

I'm waiting for that T-shirt too actually :-) I'm waiting for you, come to Italy we can go to that Restaurant plus the other ones, so you can see what we mean with the world PIZZA!