Monday, April 11, 2011

John Foster is Awesome!

Hello everyone!
I had a workshop with John Foster here at the CDA,
this guy ROCKS, he's not only supergood in his drawing but he's also a supergood person.
We went to eat together, with Frank, Kevin, Rad, my new Bro. Fernando, Dan, Sherwin,Steven. I'm feeling so positive after going out with all of those amazing artists!
I'm learning a lot but I'm also realizing that I'm not weird.. I mean, I am.. but like every artist! Discover that I'm not the only one voicerecording himself while drawing to remember things and stuff like that.. We are weird come on. I'm like michael jackson' song, NOT ALONE!

By the way, During his class the light was down to watch better at the projector but he gave me so much inspiration that I had to draw something. So, sorry if the colors are kind of crazy, I was almost blind :-)

This is me and Jon Foster :-)

This is my charicature of him :-) Sorry Jon!

This is an omage from him after the second dinner, we ha da lot of fun, he is very cool!

and these are some of the stupid sketches I did during the lecture!