Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm posting this

Oh, I'm posting some sketches I did at the Farmer's Market in L.A.
I have other stuff but I am so busy, workin' at my Pavarotti storyboard. Is turning kind of good I can't wait to post the animatic guys!

Have a nice Sundayyy!

P.S. Tonight I'm going to eat Hamburger because it's Sunday Night = HamburgerNight!

Everyone is more than welcome to come with us!
We'll have a good guest this time: the great artist, Kevin Chen (and Rad is coming too)


Chris Ybarra said...

Some really funny drawings dude, awesome!

Francesco the Pusher Castelli said...

Thanks man,
this is my first time with the sharpie, it's kind of hard 'cause the line is to thick :-/ I hope to get better :-)

Stefano Camelli said...

agree with chris,
molto molto divertenti vedere! XD

f_guy said...

gran bella roba. mi è piaciuta molto la storiella sul blog di Rad.

Francesco the Pusher Castelli said...

@ Stefano: grazie mille! Troppo gentile!
@F_guy: Grazie! Sono abituato con la penna a sfera, adesso che sto provando con gli sharpie non è facile!!
Si anche a me a me è piaciuta molto perché le cose sono andate così davvero!!!! Vabbe più o meno, Ahahahha!