Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pirates Heads from Pasadena

As I told you before,
while I'm doing my regoular job I'm also attending 5 classes at the Pasadena Concept Desgin Academy.
It is very hard because the level of every student is super High! I hope to be good enough to finish the school and to learn and become better.
Trust me guys, workin' and studyin' at the same time is hard, and now 'cause I have a lot of job to do, it's even harder than when I were in Vancouver attendin' a full time animation school.
But here in pasadena is gonnabe just for 3 months so... I mean. I hope I'll survive :-)

By the way.. Here the assignment we had to do for tonight' concept design class: Twenty pirates heads tryin' to find different shapes for the constructions.
I did this last night ,I am actually at starbucks right now uploading and downloading stuff and I didn't sleep, I'm super tireeed!
I decided to add some tone on those character even if they didn't ask for that 'cause I think it helps to read them better (and because I think it's also more elegant like that).-
OOOOOK! So, see ya and thanks for comin' here and see what's goin' on. Sorry if I wrote to much, I think my hands are just following the mood of the keyboard.
bye bye!
I'm going to sleep now. CIAO



Tommaso said...

Questi studi sono tra le cose più belle che ti ho mai visto fare! Se dopo dieci giorni sei già a questi livelli, quando torni a maggio...? Bravo, lo spirito del custode del cimitero dove sta Franco Franchi veglia su di te!
(Grande il Pirata Flavio!)

Francesco the Pusher Castelli said...

Grazie capo!
anche se sembra una cagata ci ho messo tanto perchè ho cercato di trovare nuove forme.-
Adesso dovro' fare la versione a figura intera.