Sunday, January 30, 2011

Character Design Academy!

Maybe I have a lot of work.-
Maybe I should stop myself by goin' everywhere in the world 'cause I'm almost 30 years old and it'd be time to make a family.-
Maybe and even maybe.

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

But when I was in school 1 year ago, I understood that we're never done. We find everytime something to learn.- We need to learn and learn and learn.- Walt Disney was the same. My teachers too.So, why not me?

I found a school in Pasadena called Character Design Academy, so cool, so good.-
I'm going to study Storyboarding, Character Design and I'm going to follow some Analytical Figure Drawing Course.-

Everything with amazing teachers directly from Feature Studios like Disney, Dreamworks, Blue Sky.

Maybe this is gonnabe my last adventure so far from Italy.-
Maybe not.
What I'm sure, is that I'm going to feel this like my first experience in my life, I'm so happy about that! And, maybe, I'll show the exercises in this blog, 'cause I mean.. Why not?

So keep follow me!

I'm going to flight to L.A. this Tuesday.- I'm little bit nervous 'cause I've never been there and I even don't know where I'm going to sleep but.- I really love that! I'm going to make my character stronger and I'm going to improve so much.. I'm so happy about that! I'm going to meet so many people.. WOOOOOOOOOW!

I can't wait!


SEE yà ladies and gentleman and thank you for watchin' my blog!

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