Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SKetchbook Project Tour 2011!

So. I'm takin' part at the Sketchbook Project Tour 2011, a project from the Art House Co-op in New York.
My part consist in filling my Moleskine Sketchbook with doodles about Smoking and cigarettes.
I'm excited about that 'cause those sketchbooks are going to be in tour in a lot of places in the states from San Fransisco to Chicago to Portland to bla bla bla bla bla (WOOOOOOW)!

SO, here's a demo of what I'm doing :-)

I hope you like it: I still have so many pages to fill :-)


Tommaso said...

Ti odio. Sei fottutamente bravo. Voglio vedere lo sketchbook pieno, ora.

Ps. (avevo letto "coffee make me Nevruz...")

Francesco the Pusher Castelli said...

Grazie Tom Ti amo Anch'io! Anche io leggo sempre così quella parte fai tu.- :-)