Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back from Conversano!

So Everyone,
here we go! Photos from the Event "Orecchiette Spray" and "Art Fusion" in Conversano (BA).- I'd like to go back again, RIGHT NOW! Thanks to everyone, Enzo, Tania, Renato, Fra, ANtonio (PHOTOS), Damiano, Celeste ( I LOVE YOU very mucH) I felt with a family.-
THere's a lot of good Artist in Conversano, and a lot of spectacular places like, Bar, Pubs, Restaurants where nothing is random. A lot of art everywhere, Good Design, good Fashion style.They love art.

Ok, I had a lot of fun, articles on some local newspaper, we drew a lot and bla bla bla. ok.- That's it! Waiting for the next event..

Stay tuned! I've finally decided to make a "cazzi miei Day", a day where I'm going to draw just for fun and for this Blog! ;-)



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andres casciani said...

good work! nice likeness!!