Friday, December 11, 2009

High Kitchen

Like every single year Christmas comes veeeeery fast!

So, Joe Sullivan and Sam Padella asked me to make a video of them. Ok! The videos is posted in their comic strip- blog.-

Here you can also find the sketches I started with and the background I made for :-)

To do eveything I've spent 3 night, I hope you enjoy it.-
So... Happy Xmas to everyone and thanks to Paul that gave me his voice for Santa and Tommaso (the writer of High Kitchen) was the voice of Sam Padella!

I'm pretty excited because this afternoon I'm going to be at the theatre to watch "the Princess and the Frog".- I'm waiting for this movie from last February.- I do love Disney!

FIrst I made this ruff:

Then I made the Background with Photoshop:

After that I put everything in different layers and I started on Flash to make symbols.- then I took of the ruff layer.-

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