Monday, November 30, 2009

Bouncing Ball with tail

Hello ladies and gentlemen!
I've started to study flash at Vanarts a couple of weeks ago and the first exercise was the bouncing ball with a tail.- Firstly I made this assignment drawing everything in the classical way, frame by frame but then I've realized that "Hey! This ball reminds me an head from france revolution! Why don't make this animation more interesting? So I did this video! Is very short so if you have 10 seconds, turn on your speakers and watch it! Every comment is more than welcome!

P.S. This is the BG in a better resolution!


Tommaso Valsecchi said...

Più sangue! Più sangue! Vogliamo più sangueeeeeeee!!!

Francesco Castelli said...

Come sei Cattivo Tom, lo sai che sono uno fine io!